We are a group of like-minded locksmiths that
gather at least once a month to discuss and conduct business that pertains to our chosen profession. We share information that enables us to know what is going on in the industry.
We also conduct and attend educational classes, seminars and also attend trade shows, to keep up with the latest technologies and tools that enable a locksmith to be proficient.

Dedicated to Education is our tag line and it is more than that to us. In the past we have provided many different educational opportunities to our membership and the locksmith community. We have kept abreast over the past several years with the progress of the newly enacted licensing and provided to our members up to date reports from the licensing committee in Newark. We also provided the needed forms and requirements for our members to become licensed in the state of New Jersey. We share information from our everyday work experiences to enable us to be the best professionals possible. Technology changes are part of our educational programs